Why we do it

There are several reasons why we put this together for all of our Michigan Hometown Heroes.

1.) First of all you do so much for our communities here in Metro Detroit.  Whether it is the postal worker delivering the mail in the freezing cold, or the Secretary of State person that waits on a never ending parade of customers day after day, or the back room person that does so much to support the police, or firefighters.  These are just a few examples of what goes on here each day in south east Michigan.  Many times you go to work daily without fanfare or public recognition.  Sometimes years with no bonus, or no thanks at all.  Each of you are integral to helping people in our local area.  This program is just a small payback for all you have done. 

2.)  The mortgage and real estate professionals that are part of this program have years of experienced, are full time, and highly successful professionals who have been blessed in life with a well paying fulfilling job.  They who are willing to reduce their fees to give back to you.

Thanks for all you have done!


Thank You for your service

A word from the Founder of Michigan Hometown Heroes..................

I  grew up here in Southeast Michigan and think that metro Detroit is a great place to live.  I know, as I lived  in five different states when I was younger.  I spent four years in the military too.  My family has had it's share of ups and downs (I lost a wife to Breast Cancer), but we are blessed.

At 60 years old I seen too many people die around me or have rougher lives than I do.  It has made me realize that life is more than making money or having "nice things".  Blessed in so many ways I do charity projects like "White Lake Cardboard Boat Races for Cancer" or my Toys for Tots Party but there is always a need to do more for others.

So this is my latest gift back for all the blessings I have received.  I reached out and asked other real estate and mortgage professionals to help out too.  So we came up with a program to give you a part of the commissions we receive to reduce your costs when you buy a home.  Our gift to you!.

May it help you so your life is a little more comfortable and more enjoyable!

                                                                     Russ Ravary

                                                                    "Your Metro Detroit Realtor"

Russ Ravary

See all disclaimers & exclusions on the How the Hometown Hero Program Works page.